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A Fairy Tale For You

A Fairy Tale For You
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• Otogibanashi wo Anata ni (A Fairy Tale for You)Once upon a time, there was an incredibly strong-willed and beautiful princess, and an egotistical young man who burned with the desire to make something of himself. The young man's heart was stolen in an instant by the beauty of the princess, and he fell in love... but!?• Otogibanashi wo Anata ni 2 - Houseki Hime (A Fairy Tale for You 2 - The Jewel Princess)Starring the younger princess, Lucy, and her new love after the war.• Kimagure na Maria (Carefree Maria)Nonoka-chan watches over the hot-blooded Atsushi like a mother, but is that really all there is to it...?

Altenative name: お伽話をあなたに, A Fairy Tale for You, A Fairytale for You, Carefree Maria, Houseki Hime, Kimagure na Maria, The Jewel Princess

Author: SHIINA Ayumi

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Publisher: -

Category: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical

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Date Added: Jul 07, 2013

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Reading Direction: Right to left

Status: Completed

Rank: 3180

Total views: 193

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